TRINGAFreedom to sail

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The premier boat authorised on road

From garden to sea, mooring & berth-free, straight, hassle-free

Launches and retrieves automatically

in less than a minute, without any effort, at the push of button from the helm chair

Compliant to drive on road / roadable

at 10 mph by itself, without tug car, nor trailer (1 mile within 6 minutes)

Outlooks like conventional boats

at sea as all road wheels are automatically stored and the hull is closed flush and not loaded with a single gallon of water

TRINGA solves immediately the lack of mooring and berth by your house, and offers you an easy, quick, permanent, irrevocable, sustainable and often free of charge access to water.

Worldwide patented innovation, TRINGA is the first all terrain and road-compliant recreational boat.

TRINGA climbs by it own on a conventional trailer to be tugged for long distances.

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Vidéos :

On road

, TRINGA is ...

- Like a car to drive on road without tug car nor trailer

- 4 strokes gasoline engine (27 HP) dedicated to ground power, located under the console within the hull, driving an hydraulic pump which dispatches pressurized oil to hydraulic motors hidden within the wheels.

- Max ground speed of 10 mph i.e. 1 mile within 6 minutes

- Unlimited ground span ( till the common ground-sea 26 gallon gasoline tank turns dry )

- Road-compliant lightnings

- Foot operated throttle

- Hydraulic foot operated service brake, and automatic parking brake

- Road-compliant tyres

- Road-compliant windscreen and mirrors

- Road-compliant screen wipers and sprayer

- Road-compliant 26 US gallons gasoline tank

- Wide, low-pressure, deep stud tyres

- All wheels drive

- Anti-slip in case of tyre grip loss

- Climbs slopes till 38% on hard ground

- Drives like an automatic gear-box car

- Powered steering

- Automatic parking brake

- Normal car license

- Bow video camera to show blind area at GPS screen

- Single button command at dashboard for triggering automatic wheel operation.

- Components failure without consequence on safety

- Really stable on three wheels, even across a slope

- Pelvic safety belts for every passenger.

- Seat for every road passenger

- Helm-seat and co-pilot seat optionally suspended to damp and reduce by 20 the vertical shocks of swell or road.

- Ergonomic road and sea helm-seating position.

TRINGA relieves you from any hassle as it ...

- Immediately and without struggling with mooring and berth waiting lists

- Everlasting, not ended by any contract termination

- Around the clock and without any tide schedule

- Very quick and as close to home as possible, as long as your garden is only a few miles away from water access.

- Without any need for mooring and berth

- Purchasing a mooring or a berth

- Buying a road trailer

- Up-grading / replacing your car to tug a boat trailer

- Buying a tractor for launching and retrieving your boat

- Buying equipments such as tender / boat elevator / private dock

- Mooring or berth renting fees and expenses

- Careening, anti-fouling painting, launch and retrieval for wintering

- Gasoline over-consumption generated at sea by the hull fouling inherent to wet storage despite anti-fouling paint

- Harbour pontoon gasoline price premium as you can drive TRINGA till your home nearest petrol station to pay the regular price !

- Yearly trailer and tractor maintenance costs for a trailer

- Insurance premium fees for trailer and over-fees for tug car

- Eventually tax on hulls exceeding 7,0 m length and engines exceeding 3838 cm3 displacement

- Tug a trailer on public roads

- Wait, stress and potentially fights at launching ramps

- Launch at sea and retrieval

- Look for a parking place for a car and possibly a trailer

- Draw your tender from the upper fore-shore to the sea

- Unsafe switch from pontoon to your boat deck, or in & out your tender

- Get wet at launching or alternatively wear waterproofed suit during all your sailing trip

- Carry and transport gasoline tanks in your own car

All wheels ground-sea movements are automatically processed, triggered by a simple push of a button at the dashboard

- Safe storage under your control in your garden, sheltered from strong winds

- Slower ageing process of your boat thanks to dry storage in your garden

TRINGA is friendly to the environment and citizens as it ...

- Do not involve any concrete infrastructure thanks to its amphibious and all-terrain capabilities (no pontoon, dike, flooded marina, boat ramp, parking places or vehicles parked on beach) as many irreversible bites to Nature.

- Do not chemically pollute the environment spreading anti-fouling as it does not involve any (dry storage)

- TRINGA is probably the boat which storing process is the most friendly to the environment.

- approximate 12% reduction of exhaust fumes at sea, thanks to very clean hull, thanks to dry storage

- TRINGAboat is a French company

- TRINGA is entirely designed and manufactured in France

Highway regulation is different for every country.

French highway regulation authorises roadable amphibious boat to drive within certains limits (see french version).

For other countries, regulation needs to be checked closely.

Delivery position booking

  • It is wise to book a slot in the launch production schedule paying 2 000 € that may be refunded at some conditions.
  • Commercial availability from second trimester of 2020
  • In order to control the production ramp-up, fabrication volumes will be restricted at the launch

2020 provisional pricing

Without loan : 119,540 € + eco-fee

Lease with option to purchase (allows VAT reduction):

  • Over 3 years: 50% at delivery followed by 35 monthly payments of 1.266% and purchase at end of contract for 1% (95.31% total)
  • Over 5 years: 50% at delivery followed by 59 monthly payments of 0.793% and purchase at end of contract for 1% (97.79% total)

Leasing with option to purchase requires TRINGA to be fitted for sailing beyond 12 miles from shore, i.e. with a safety raft.

Options :

  • Navigation and security options pack (GPS 9", VHF, compass, extinguisher): 1,994 €
  • Confort options pack: 1,199 €
  • Promenade and sun bath pack: 8,547 €
  • Fishing pack: 7,900 €
  • Camping pack: 460 €
  • Diving pack: 168 €
  • Surface water sports pack: 357 €
  • Customization pack: 1,534 €
  • Transportation: 1,200 €

Owning costs :

  • 0€ for mooring or berth purchase
  • 0€ for purchase of trailer, tender, all-wheel drive option on your car, tractor
  • 0€ / year for mooring or berth renting fees and expenses
  • 0€ / year for maintenance and trailer insurance fees
  • 0€ / year for boat retrieval, careening, wintering and launching
  • Increase of TRINGA insurance fees by approx. 350 € / year compared to conventional boat insurance fees.
  • Reduction of your maintenance costs thanks to dry storage
  • Increase by approx. 200 € of your yearly maintenance costs compared to conventional boat costs.

Sales organization

  • Direct selling via TRINGAboat company, though its own representative on every coastline

TRINGAboat raises 700 K€ to launch serial production

Following completion of R&D studies, prototype building and fine-tuning, the company TRINGAboat launches sales and serial production of TRINGA, the first and unique roadable leisure boat.

TRINGAboat has raised 400 K€ in capital from its pionner investor, and 300 K€ from two regional banks.

Manufacturing will take place in the factory of TRINGAboat located at Lannion - France. First costumer deliveries will happen during the autumn 2019.

Download the full press release

Les Nauticales at La Ciotat 2019

The TRINGA will be on display at La Ciotat from the 23rd to 31th march 2019. Demonstrations will be carried out regularly.

Customer and medias demonstrations are initiated

Demonstrations are being intensively carried out at Perros-Guirec (France) and other places. The following video shows one of them.

Customer reservations are recommended to secure a slot within the 2019 production planning.

Nautic 2018

The TRINGA will be on display at Nautic in Paris, from the 8th to 16th december 2018, hall 3, stand 3 A 32.

First technical sailing trial of TRINGA

The expected qualities of seaworthiness, off-road capabilities, ease to get in and out of the water, are all confirmed.

Prototype photographs

New photographs shot by M. Vincent BOREL, editor-in-chief of Hors-Bord magazine, are on display exclusively on the Tringaboat Facebook group.

Nautic 2017

The TRINGA is visible at Nautic in Paris, hall 3, stand B7.

Assembly of deck to hull completed

Once the deck has been installed on the hull, the TRINGA reveals its applealing lines.

Deck pre-assembly

The preparation of the deck and console is completed : the assembly with the hull can take place.

Aluminum hull finished

The aluminum hull welding is done. The nice bow shape as well as the satin of the carefully sanded aluminum foresees the TRINGA future smartness.

Aluminum hull tilted around

The welding of the hull is about to be finished. The hull has been tilted around to proceed with the external brushing.

Demoulding of the prototype polyester deck

The deck has been perfectly demoulded. The part is free from any defect and is showing an optimal gloss.

Delivery of the deck mould

The deck mould is entirely manufactured, showing an outstanding gloss, which anticipates the composite deck and related parts to be at the highest aesthetic level. Those ones will be fabricated next July.

TRINGAboat hired a sales manager.

Perros-Guirec / France, June 1st, 2017 - TRINGAboat has announced that Gilles Sécheresse is joining the company as Sales manager.

Previously Gilles has hold similar positions in the industry, and is a mechanical enginer by training.

Gilles will drive sales in France including over-seas.

TRINGA, the first ever “roadable boat”, just authorized to drive on highways in France.

Perros-Guirec / France, April 19th, 2017 - TRINGAboat is launching the construction of the prototype of the first recreational “roadable boat”, named TRINGA, that is a disruptive innovation on the global recreational boat market.

TRINGA just fulfilled its first success in terms of road regulation. As an outcome of the intense innovation process undertaken by the TRINGAboat company to the French highway administration, “roadable boat” are now legally authorized to drive on highways as recreational or rescue amphibious boat (order issued on January 6th 2017 by the prime minister and order issued on March 10th 2017 by the environment and internal affairs ministers).

TRINGAboat also announced being at the completion of a fund-raising of 700 K€ to fund the prototype construction in 2017, and its presentation to the public before the end of the year. First commercial deliveries will begin from mid-2018.

About TRINGAboat

TRINGAboat is a French start-up founded in 2011 by Guirec DANIEL. The mission of TRINGAboat is to propose access to water to a marina quality standard, to private mansions located in any seaside city, especially those which are land-locked, by acquiring the first “roadable boat” TRINGA.

By design, TRINGA drives on highways by itself and legally, gets into and out of the water by itself, is all-terrain, and sails the sea like the best conventional boats. Please watch video at bottom of “concept” page at

Therefore, sailing is not a concern any longer, even in areas where harbor facilities are fully saturated or nonexistent. This way, TRINGAboat has invented the concept of a “roadable boat” for recreational use, which has been disclosed through its internet site in April 2013, and presented at the Nautic Paris boat show in December 2013 and 2014.

The “roadable boat” TRINGA, entirely designed and built in France, is meant for the worldwide market, and borrows a proprietary technology protected by patents issued worldwide.


  • Guirec DANIEL
  • Email:
  • Phone: (33)2 96 21 18 95 / (0033)6 26 12 14 81

PDF version of this release

Prototype : machining of the deck model

The draft of the polyester deck model is done after five consecutive days of machining.

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About the company


TRINGAboat designs and sells the TRINGAboat

TRINGAboat is a young company established in 2011 at Perros-Guirec / France (22) to undertake the project of:

  • Designing a road compliant amphibious recreational boat (terminated)
  • Build the prototype (2017 - 2018)
  • Sell and launch commercial production : mid 2020

TRINGAboat contracts the fabrication to a set of contractors each of them known for their skills in their field.


The internet site is edited by TRINGAboat sarl company registered at the RCS of St Brieuc under SIREN N° 535122 618, and based at 3 Résidence des Agapanthes, 22 700 Saint-Quay-Perros, France.

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The internet site is protected by the French and international copyright laws related to author rights and industrial properties.

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